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Kodiak Professional Services for Enterprise and Government Clients

Every day, enterprise executives and IT project leaders face incredible pressure from cost containment expectations, competitive requirements for rapid project rollout and day-to-day business operating demands. Managing the transition to new technologies in this environment presents a unique set of challenges. Having the right skills and team can make or break the realization of technology investments. Kodiak consultants are experts in their fields and have successfully helped corporate and government clients implement innovative solutions for fast and measurable results.

Professional Staff Augmentation
Kodiak provides highly qualified individuals to support your business. Kodiak's team of account managers and recruiters quickly source, screen, and place hard-to-find candidates with unique skill sets and the right temperament for the assignment, a concept we call culture matching. Kodiak is able to serve as a reliable business resource in this area because we develop and continuously refresh our extensive database of skilled and screened professionals who offer a range of expertise in information technology, telecommunications, project management, and manufacturing. Kodiak works quickly yet takes the time to understand your business objectives, culture and challenges so that we provide the right people the first time.

Strategic Sourcing Assistance and Lease Consulting
Kodiak Professional Services is staffed with professionals who have extensive experience in Strategic Sourcing and Leasing. Kodiak's Sourcing Experts have negotiated hardware, software, services, outsourcing, maintenance, disaster recovery, telecom, voice, data and mobile contracts, project management - you name it - and we have done it while saving our client's time and money. Kodiak can help you with the vendor management process, scorecards, best practices, and other areas of Strategic Sourcing. Kodiak can also manage your leases for you - ask us about our SOX compliant lease management practice.

Does your organization incorporate Green Sourcing in all of its acquisitions? Need to understand what EPEAT means to you? Talk to the experts at Kodiak Finance about its Green Sourcing training program.

Equipment and Integration Services

Equipment Supply
Kodiak provides new and refurbished IT equipment through its extensive knowledge of the supplier marketplace. Kodiak Finance has developed a network of Preferred Authorized Resellers and Distributors for almost every IT product line including IBM, Cisco, HP, SUN, Dell and most other major equipment manufacturers.

Refurbished Equipment
Kodiak provides cradle to cradle (yes, we want the equipment reborn through recycling) equipment that is refurbished and guaranteed by the manufacturer. Be considerate of your budget and the environment - consider quality refurbished technology. Contact Kodiak for more information. Federal customers - help meet the Federal Electronics Challenge with recertified used equipment.

Disposition Programs for IT Assets
Let Kodiak help you with the redeployment and recycling of your IT assets, networking equipment, and cell phones. The experts at Kodiak help protect organizations from the legal, financial and environmental risks associated with donating or disposing of IT assets. Kodiak will acquire assets that still have useful life and remarket them, reuse them or recycle them.

Systems Integration Support
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